Quantum Systems Indonesia

QBase Tactical

ISR Misssion Planning and Reconnaissance Software


Increased live situational awareness and after-action analysis.

QBase Tactical allows for intuitive control of the Vector™ and Scorpion™ ISR sUAS and payloads using the Skynav Ground Controller or a Panasonic Toughbook. QBase Tactical supports QuickStart missions without prior planning to meet the requirements of governmental authorities, like law enforcement or the military. All aircraft and sensor data received by the ground controller is stored locally for post-mission analysis.

The most convenient software solution to plan and conduct ISR missions with Quantum-Systems sUAS.

These are the benefits of using QBase Tactical

Intuitive and easy to use

QBase Tactical helps sUAS operators to stay covert.

  • Automatic tracking and guidance modes let the aircraft follow a target
  • Programmable distance to target to ensure image quality
  • Display of wind direction and aircraft shadow on the ground

QBase 3D automatically generates safe and precise flight paths after entering the mission parameters and no-fly-zones, giving the operator peace of mind.

  • Detailed mission simulation, including wind forecast, battery consumption and flight time
  • Automated verification of mission risks or errors
  • Advanced Terrain Following to increase safety and data quality
  • Safe return paths ensure a risk-free return to home in any situation

QBase Tactical saves valuable time.

  • QuickStart missions within minutes – no prior planning required
  • Live display of sensor image enhanced with additional metadata
  • Mission logs support in-flight replays, review of critical events and after flight analysis
  • Points-of-interest can be annotated in mission logs during or after flight
  • Export of images and videos during or after flight

System Requirements

System Requirements Vector™ and Scorpion™ ISR sUAS are delivered with a ground controller that fulfills the system requirements to run QBase Tactical. The options are the Skynav Ground Controller (7 " Active Matrix, color LCD 1280x800, tablet platform, integrated joysticks) and a Panasonic Toughbook (14 inches screen diagonal, 1920x1080 pixels screen resolution, rugged laptop).